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                                                                                 J. T. WELCH, Ph. D.

                                                                                                      San Antonio, Texas

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OWNER, J.T. Welch LLC, Communication Services




Consultation on and development of safety-related communications, including owners' and operators' manuals, packaging, and on-product labels for industrial clients.  Organization, design, and writing of material for greatest communication effectiveness; particularly of safety and warning information, in conformance with standards and current research on information transmittal and cognition.  Development of safety information systems and testing if required.  Communication training. 


Development projects include:


KRANSCO, INC.  Owner's Manual for Power Wheels Jeep automobile for children.  Supervised design and execution of research project testing the safety information for comprehension by parents of young children.


MANCHESTER TANK.  On-product warning and information label for liquid petroleum.


FISHER-PRICE, INC.  Revision of instructional and safety materials for juvenile products, particularly infant and toddler automobile safety seats.  Providing general guidance to Research and Development Department on reaching consumers effectively.  Includes administration of entire development of instruction booklet for new product from initial text, art, and graphic design through camera-ready paste-up.


SEARS.  Revision of Sears Garage Door Opener manual.


CHRYSLER MOTORS.  Revision of two Chrysler Motors Owner's Manuals as prototypes for a general revision project.


GENERAL MOTORS.  Revision of General Motors 1989 Owner's Manuals for Pontiac Bonneville, Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight/Ninety-Eight, Cadillac Deville/Fleetwood, Buick Electra/Park Avenue.  Continued the revision process as it was carried over to 39 General Motors automobile models for 1990.  Review and advisory participation on new manual for medium duty trucks.


PACCAR, INC. Revision of Peterbilt Operator's Manual and Kenworth Operation and Service Manual.


AMERICAN HONDA.  Revision of ATV Owner's Manual.


3-M COMPANY.  Revision of package labeling for respirator masks.


CROWN EQUIPMENT.  On-product warnings for lift trucks.  Served in advisory capacity on project to develop revised manuals for lift equipment.


KUBOTA, INC.  Revision of warning information in Operator's Manual for garden tiller.


AKIYAMA PRINTING MACHINE COMPANY.  Operating Manual and supplementary material for offset printing presses.   Includes customer-relations materials such as safety posters and calendars.


AMTICO CO, LTD.  On-box label, package insert, and Specification, Installation, and Maintenance Manual for luxury vinyl tile.


SWIM AIDS.   Safety information for on-product and package labels for children's swimming aids.


BODYBOARDS.  Safety information for on-product and package labels for child and adult surfing and bodyboarding products.  Empirical testing for information transmittal.


WATER SKIS.  Safety information system development for manufacturer of water skis, ski boards, and knee boards.


LIGHTING.   Safety letter to buyers of lighting fixtures.


WELLHEAD VALVES.   Safety information to accompany oilfield equipment.


FAN CONTROL.  On-product label for thermatic fan control.


SORBENTS.   Development and testing of text/icon combination on packages of industrial absorbent products.  Focus-group testing in 11 languages, plus English for international market.


WIRE ROPE.  Testing of label icon among English-illiterate worker population.


TRACTORS.  Editing of safety video on use of rollover protection system for light tractors.  Development of safety letter and point-of-purchase safety display for tractors.


KNEEBOARDS.  Safety information for on-product and package labels.  Empirical testing for information transmittal.


WHEELS/RIMS.  Safety information chart/poster aimed at truck-tire mechanics. 


OFFICE EQUIPMENT.  On-product and with-product instructions and safety information for filing equipment.


SAFETY LIGHT.  Developed package information to accompany new light device for auto, boat, etc. emergency safety.


COMPUTER EQUIPMENT.  Developed on-product and on-screen safety information for major software/hardware manufacturer.


BICYCLES.  Developed on-product warning label.  Revised safety text for bicycle manual.


BICYCLE TRAILER.  Safety text for trailer designed to carry children.


FITNESS EQUIPMENT.  On-product safety and instructional text for health club exercise equipment.


CELLULAR PHONE COMPONENTS.  Development of owner's manual safety text and testing of safety information.


OIL TANK.  On-product warning for pressurized tank sprayer.


SPECTATOR WARNINGS.  Developed safety information aimed at spectators at professional sporting events.


VEHICLE DISPLAY UNIT.  Instructions and on-unit safety decals for store toy display.


VENDING MACHINE.  Developed label warning against tipover on public-use canned drink dispenser.


CLIMBING PRODUCTS.  On-product use and safety information for step-stools and ladders.


GAS FIREPLACES.  Safety and use instructions for vented fireplaces.


OFFICE CHAIR.  Safety and assembly instructions for adjustable chair.


VEHICLE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.  Developed on-screen warning and accompanying safety instructions for GPS-guided navigation system installed as original equipment in automobiles.  Empirical and focus-group testing of information.


INFANT SIMULATOR.  Assisted in development of instructional information for product used in family life programs for teenagers.


TRUCK WHEEL MANUFACTURER.  Revision of safety and service manual intended for tire and wheel service personnel.


MEDIUM DUTY TRUCK.  Development of on product safety information.


RESTAURANT CHAIN.  Development of safety signs for children's rides at family restaurant.


SIMULATED CAMP FIRE.  Instruction and safety manual to accompany gas operated product.


ETHICAL POLICY MANUAL.  Comprehensive statement of ethics to be used company wide for office product manufacturer.


CARGO NET.  On-product warning for cargo retention device in sport utility vehicle.


VEHICLE NAVIGATOR.  Development of safety information for after-market GPS navigation system.


AUTOMOBILE OPERATOR'S MANUAL.  Assisted in revision of manual for European vehicle manufacturer.


POINTING DEVICES.  Safety information for new computer pointing devices developed by major manufacturer. 


TIRE/WHEEL SAFETY MAILING CAMPAIGN.  Development of mailer as part of safety mailing campaign sponsored by major tire/wheel manufacturers.


VIDEO GAME CHAIR.  Information to accompany ergonomically-designed audio/tactile-feedback video game chair.


POWER TOOL ACCESSORIES.  On-package safety information for national manufacturer.


FINGER GUARD.  Use and safety instructions for disposable finger guard intended for medical and culinary applications.


COTTON SEED.  Customer information on Bronze Wilt disease.


CHILDREN'S WATER SLIDE.  Development of on-product and package safety information.  Testing of information with groups of parents and young adults.


THE BUDD COMPANY.  Development of mailing campaign to vocational education instructors concerning safe tire/wheel maintenance procedures.


PRUNER.  On-product label and instructional information for pole pruner.


HOME LAWN CARE PRODUCT.  Development of safety information for weed cutter.


VEHICLE WARNING LABEL.  Overhead airbag warning label for European automobile manufacturer.


COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM.  Operator manual for large truck radar-operated collision avoidance system.


PAVEMENT MARKING EQUIPMENT.  Operator manuals for manufacturer of manual and truck-mounted highway striping equipment.


ENGINE BLOCK HEATER.  Warning information for installers of block heaters in over-the-road truck engines.


PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS.  Safety information to accompany a line of facial care products and appliance.


ADAPTIVE MOBILITY EQUIPMENT.  On-product warning for handicap-adapted automobile equipment. 


PICK MODULES SAFETY NOTICE.  Notice to owners/operators of customized multi-level inventory racks.


FIRE PREVENTION CAULK.  Safety information for packaging.


ATV.  Safety information for new all-terrain vehicle.


RECUMBENT BICYCLE.  Review and revision of owner's manual safety information for new model of recumbent bicycle.


POTABLE WATER PRODUCING APPLIANCE.  Instruction manual for dehumidifying system designed to produce drinking water.


CAMPING LANTERN.  Instructions and labeling for propane camping lantern.


BACKPACK CHILD CARRIER.  Instructional material for child carrier designed for camping.


KIA MOTORS.  Revised safety information for automobile owner's manuals.


AIRBAGS FOR AIRCRAFT.  On-product warning for airbags on aircraft seatbelts.


HOUSING DEVELOPER.  After-sale letter alerting homeowners to possibility of improperly sealed gas lines.


THYSSENKRUPP BUDD.  Safety mailing campaign to aftermarket dealers in truck wheels.


TRUCK CLUTCH ASSEMBLY.  Warning concerning proper assembly for the benefit of OEM personnel.


PROFESSIONAL SPORTS LEAGUE.  Warnings concerning upgraded safety measures at professional sporting events.


GASOLINE DISPENSERS.  Revision of warning concerning refueling hazards at service station gasoline pumps.


BICYCLE MANUAL.  Review of updated manual for bicycle manufacturer.


AIRBAGS.  On-product warning for airbags in private aircraft.


ROPER PUMP.  Review and revision of industrial pump manuals for usability and safety information.


CUTTING-OFF SAW.  Consultation on warning label for saw used in cutting cement.


LIFT TRUCKS. On-product warnings for stand-up riders. Testing of candidate warnings at two sites.


MATERIALS SUPPLIER. Member of task force to review and redesign warnings and safety information in various formats.


INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIER. Develop labels for flame-resistant clothing.


ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT.  Warning for exercise equipment to be used in schools.


CLIMBING AID.  Consultation on cautionary materials for moveable step-stool.


SPRAY GUN CLEANER.  Use instructions and safety information to accompany mechanical cleaner for industrial spray guns.


MINING EQUIPMENT. Operator's instructions and on-product warning for rib cutter used in mining.


INFANT TRAINER. Safety information and instructions for child development equipment.


TOWABLE TUBE. On-product warning for water recreation product.


POOL FILTER. Development of on-product instructions and warnings for residential swimming pool filter.


METAL SAW. Development of operator's manual for saws used in metal cutting.


MEAT PACKING EQUIPMENT. Instructions for cleaning and management of hygienic risks for equipment used in commercial meat packing operations.


CHASSIS-CAB. Safety information for manual to accompany incomplete vehicles.


HOME SCREENING EQUIPMENT. Packaging of test kits to be used by nursing mothers to screen breast milk for alcohol.


STORAGE CONTAINERS. On-product warnings to avoid injuries to children.


LAWN TORCH/TORCH OIL. Instructions and warnings to accompany "tiki"-type lawn torch and oil to be used with torches.


CONSTRUCTION RAILS. Warnings for railing systems intended for use around hazards at construction sites.


POOL SAFETY DEVICE. Warnings for vacuum release device intended to free swimmer accidentally caught in residential swiming pool circulation system.


CODE EVALUATOR. Documentation to accompany device intended to detect automobile malfunctions and provide coded information to driver.


WATER DELIVERY SYSTEM. Safety information to accompany piping systems used for industrial sprinklers.


TIE PULLER. Safety and instructional information to accompany equipment used to pull rebar ties from concrete construction.


CEMENT. Warnings for bags of cement mix.


PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE. Safety information to accompany new type of life vest.


AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS. Safety text to accompany aftermarket electronic performance-enhancing products for automobiles and trucks.


RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS. Safety text to accompany aftermarket electronic performance-enhancing products for off-road vehicles.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF PROPANE CYLINDER FILL EQUIPMENT. On-product warning and instructions for use of cylinder fill equipment. Information concerning proper filling procedure for one-pound propane cylinders by licensed personnel.


ORIFICE FITTINGS. Review and revision of Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for orifice fittings used in petroleum industry.


EXTRACTOR. Review and revision of on-product warnings and instruction manual. Development of new safety information for retrofit of 225-pound commercial laundry extractor.


LADDER ACCESSORIES. Step and ladder extensions for new type of safety ladder.


TRANSDUCER EXTRACTOR. Manual for installation and use of specialty oil-field equipment.


TIEDOWNS. Safety warning development and testing of tiedowns to be used in securing loads on trucks.


RACK LABEL. Warning label on limits to cab guard protection in trucking application.


POOL PUMP. Pressure warning on new-design swimming pool pump.


CONTROL VALVE. Installation, operation, and maintenance manual to accompany valve meant to control backflow in petroleum operations.


DOOR AND WINDOW SENSOR SYSTEMS. Development of safety information to accompany components of systems to monitor and remotely control door and window operation.


RED LIGHT TUBE. Instructions and safety information for retrofitting fluorescent light fixture to accept LED lamps.


STORAGE SYSTEM. Warning placard for storage system used for palletized loads in warehouses.


BALLISTIC PROTECTION. On-product warning for anti-ballistic panels to be used in offices and schools, etc.


SAFE BOATING VIDEO. Consultation on video produced by manufacturer of water craft steering systems.


WINDOW PROTECTION. Warning on proper use of installed windows to avoid injury from an unlocked sash.


SWIM AIDS. On-product, package, and website information on safe use of swim aids for children and adults.


Other development projects include:


AETNA HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS.  Developed 200 new customer-service letters aimed at increasing customer satisfaction with group health plan service.


Developed and implemented a training program for customer service representatives.  Included development of diagnostic instrument, evaluation of employees' skills, preparation of training manual, and conducting training of 65 customer service employees.  Purpose was to improve customer relations through better letter-writing skills.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS.  University of Texas at San Antonio School of Business.  Developed training materials on communication for industrial client.


PUBLISHER/EDITOR.  Newsletter for Business Development Programs, the consulting arm of the School of Business, University of Texas at San Antonio. 




Faculty Positions 1966 - 1994


Lecturer, University of Texas at San Antonio, Division of Management and Marketing. Responsible for graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Communication, Business Communication, and Interpersonal Communication in Organizations, including communication theory, presentation skills, written and oral communication, message adaptation, persuasion, formal report presentation, group techniques, communication auditing, ethics.


Lecturer, University of Texas at San Antonio, Division of Social and Policy Sciences.  Developed and taught graduate communication course for public managers: theory and application of communication techniques in the public sector.


Instructor, English literature and composition, at universities and colleges in Syracuse, New York and San Antonio, Texas.  Includes Syracuse University, Trinity University, Saint Mary's University, San Antonio College.




Ph.D. (English):  Syracuse University, 1978


MA (English):  Syracuse University, 1968


BA  (English):  Mount Holyoke College, 1966


Graduate study in management, The University of Texas at San Antonio.  Including paradigms of management, organizational behavior, business research methods, financial accounting.




Human Factors and Ergonomics Society


Association for Business Communication


National Association of Women Business Owners


South Texas Safety Council